A green alternative to chlorinated, fluorinated, petroleum solvents and aqueous detergents cleaning solutions

DFD is innovating and offering an eco-designed machine for the cleaning of mechanical parts for industry.

This innovation capitalizes on:

  • The innovating technology of supercritical CO2 as a green cleaning solvent
  • Several patented systems for the DFD cleaning machine.

At the time of REACH, this green and humanly and environmentally friendly process is recognized by several French organizations, such as CETIM, CTDEC, CARSAT, AGENCE DE L'EAU, SNDEC, as a serious substitute to toxic, harmful or polluting solvents: chlorinated (perchlorethylene, trichlorethylene, dichloromethane), A3 (hydrocarbon, alcohols), fluorinated (HFC, HFE), aqueous detergent solutions.

In close partnership with the best French experts of the CEA (Nuclear Energy Research center), CNRS (French National Scientific Research center), CETIM-DTDEC (French organisation for innovation in Mechanical industries) and AIR LIQUIDE Company, the original vocation of DFD is to give manufacturers access to this technology in order to offer them an economical profit, a competitive balance sheet and an unprecedented sanitary and ecological assessment.

Our team examines methodically all cleanliness issues to which yourself or your partners can be facing. Please contact us for a cleaning test.

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