An exclusive functioning and eco-responsible process

The conception and setting of this innovating process are under 3 patents.

The DFD process offers an efficient degreasing solution with a non-polluting solvent: supercritical CO2 respects current and future regular constraints in terms of hygiene-safety-environment.

It allows manufacturers to guarantee the cleanliness level of their parts required by their production process and by their customers, while mastering the global cost of cleaning and productivity of the process (for instance, by reducing by 50% electricity costs compared to a classical process, or by suppressing the constraints of solvents regular chemical analysis).

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The supercritical CO2 cleaning cycle

This is how it proceeds :


The machine is supplied from a liquefied source (bottled, racked or tanked CO2) and stored outside.


The baskets containing the parts are loaded in the cleaning vessel


The machine heats and compresses the gas, then injects it in its supercritical state in the cleaning vessel to immerse the parts to be treated


The parts are cleaned through by the supercritical CO2. The addition of a brewing process by oscillations and/or agitations and of ultra-sounds allows a result in cleanliness and particle removing, which is in accordance to regulations.


The machine operates a gravity separation of pollutants and gas ; the contaminants are condensed or precipitated and then carried to a separation module in which they will be confined before retrieval.


The machine recycles part of the gas, which is sent to the treatment vessel as many times as necessary. The remaining purified gas is drained away to the outside through a pipe.


Once the cycle is over, the CO2 is cooled in a liquid state and evacuated to the CO2 storage to be reused. The parts come out dry, at room temperature, usable immediately.


The total of the successive phases is integrated in the machine, which is very easily operated by a 'push-button' command and a visual monitoring process via a tactile control screen.

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