DFD: the efficient degreasing and particle removal of mechanical parts and polymers with a green, non-polluting solvent.

Cleaning with supercritical CO2 suits all kinds of parts and composites, of all typologies :

- all types of materials, including aluminum and polymers.
The use of supercritical CO2 enables to treat them in a more hygienic and healthier way. Its neutrality regarding materials enables to avoid oxidizing and harming them for cleaning, degreasing and particle removing actions.
- all parts typologies, even those for which cleaning is particularly difficult, complex ones for instance, including blind holes or very narrow tubes... The supercritical state is single-phase (between the aqueous and the gaseous states), which confers it with the advantages of both states: supercritical CO2 can penetrate all gaps. These advantages are undeniable in the domains requiring high-precision cleanings.he supercritical CO2 technology is very efficient when it comes to reaching uneasy access zones, as its state, half-liquid and half-gaseous, offers a deep diffusion of the solvent on all parts of the cleaned object.

Evidence on polymer parts for the electronics market

Degreasing of batches of several thousands of tiny polymer parts, in one step. Adjustment of the machine with a smaller sized cleaning vessel of 4 litres.