DFD: the efficient degreasing and particles removal of mechanical parts and polymers with a green, non-polluting solvent.

Cleaning with supercritical CO2 suits all kinds of parts and polymers, of all typologies :

- all types of materials, including aluminum and polymers.
The use of supercritical CO2 enables to treat them in a more hygienic and healthier way. Its neutrality regarding materials enables to avoidoxidizing and harming them for cleaning, degreasing and particle removing actions.
- all parts typologies, even those for which cleaning is particularly difficult, complex ones for instance, including blind holes or very narrow tubes... The supercritical state is single-phase (between the aqueous and the gaseous states), which confers it with the advantages of both states: supercritical CO2 can penetrate all gaps. These advantages are undeniable in the domains requiring high-precision cleanings. The supercritical CO2 technology is very efficient when it comes to reaching uneasy access zones, as its state, half-liquid and half-gaseous, offers a deep diffusion of the solvent on all parts of the cleaned object.

DFD replaces Trichlo (TCE), Perchlo and aqueous detergents

Evidence on parts for the bar turning market:

Steel parts

Brass parts

Aluminum parts

Degreasing of complex aluminum blocks with blind holes.

Degreasing and particle removing of aluminum parts.