The investment cost in a supercritical CO2 cleaning machine, although slightly above classical machines using solvents, is very quickly absorbed if we consider the total cost of operating charges linked to the use of chemical solvents, their impossibility to be recycled as well as the cleaning quality improvements and the processing induced

We also notice an energy consumption decrease for the DFD machine around 50%.


CIR, CII and other grants

The assay and study expenses required by the setting of this innovative equipment are eligible for the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit. Likewise, improvements in working conditions and on the environment brought by this equipment can also be granted by the CARSATs or the Health Care Insurance Funds and some Water Agencies (in order to save water and preserve groundwater).

The DFD team will support you with these steps.

About maintenance

The machines operating with supercritical CO2 need an operator to load and unload the parts to be cleaned, as well as maintenance operations, such as:

  • Retrieval of dirt during or use of gravity separators.
  • Annual calibration of measurement devices
  • Annual maintenance of pumps, of the heat pump
  • Occasional change of parts such as valve joints or filters (a few hours a year)
  • Occasional intervention for fittings tightening (a few hours a year).

DFD will suggest a maintenance contract matching your needs.