Rossignol Dominique, DFD Founder

After an international experience of over 20 years in industry at SOMFY, he takes over a company of industrial cleaning specific machines in the Valley of Arve (74), at the heart of the French bar turning. During this experience, Mr Rossignol realizes the limitations of the cleaning processes used and he becomes passionate about cleaning alternative approaches. He approaches the CEA and their promising innovation: the Supercritical CO2 technology.
He creates DFD in July 2012, with an exclusive operating right of the CEA operating license.

During the same year, he was the laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre Savoie.

Our Team

In addition to a CEA-DEN Marcoule (F-30207) LPSDResearch Engineer, at the Decontamination and Supercritical Processes Laboratory, the DFD team is composed of 7 people among which 4 engineers. Their competence and various experiences complement one another: Engineers in System and Engineering Processes, in Material Chemistry, in Chemistry, in Mechanics and Automatisms, as well as Design office, Marketing and Commercial technicians.
Their common motivation is to develop the use and the performance of Supercritical CO2 among manufacturers/p>