On the 4th October, DFD will attend the CleanMeca Technical Fair, organized in Saint-Etienne, France by the CETIM.

' Beyond the regulation aspects and quality management, cleaning and cleanliness represent a real added value to your production. Moreover, these two activities are a means to create your customers' loyalty and to conquer new markets.'

This technical day, organized by the CETIM, will enable manufacturers to understand technological innovation and the large-scale evolutions in these fields.

Visit the CETIM site page : http://www.cetim.fr/Actualites/Agenda/Journees-techniques/CleanMeca

You are Specialized in micro-technology and complex functions: come and meet DFD to solve your cleaning issues.

Meet DFD in Hall A2, stand 637, next to our partner Hydro-Fluid, involved in the lubrication of the machine tool by hydraulic injection.

Supercritical CO2 cleaning takes off: a first machine is sold to a manufacturer on November 3rd 2015.

Cleaning with supercritical CO2 takes off

In the June edition of 'l'Actualité du Préventeur' n°2-2016, the Industries and Metalwork Professions Union.

In the ARDI Rhône-Alpes newsletter

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DFD attended this round- table dedicated to 'The future factory, a strong stake for industry' on the last July 6th, organized by Carnot institutes, CEA and CETIM, at the 'Maison de la Chimie' in Paris.

Dominique ROSSIGNOL, CEO of Dense Fluid Degreasing shared his life story. After an experiment in his previous company bound to the Reach norm and thanks to his intuition, the process developed with the CEA and the CETIM originates from the industrial issue and its risks (health, environment...). The integration of supercritical CO2 gas technology in a 'washing machine', for sectors like mechanics, weaving and technical clothing, addresses both needs of respect for the environment and quality of cleaning. The contributions of Carnot-Cetim and the Carnot 'Manufacturing' branch were valuable in this project and its promising perspectives for the future for added-value sectors.

To know more : http://www.instituts-carnot.eu/fr/taxonomy/term/105/all

Come and discover DFD's solution during the INDUSTRIES 2016 exhibition on the Parc des Expositions site of Paris-Nord Villepinte.

Our partner Air Liquide will present the DFD concept in the innovation zone of its stand. In association with the CETIM, DFD will also be present within the Labo INDUSTRIE, stand R34 Hall 5, the discovery area of technologies dating from the 4th industrial revolution.

This area is designed on a field approach and intends to help SMBs managers to apprehend better tomorrow's industry and its consequences for their companies. Besides a presentation of stakes of tomorrow's industry and the lines to follow to succeed in a career towards tomorrow's factory, a concrete case will be performed in 6 topic areas (numerical, material-conception, manufacturing processes, automation, maintenance and energy efficiency-environment) which gather demonstrators and manufacturers giving oral evidence of their involvement in this approach. Meet DFD in the area Energy-efficiency and Laboratory environment.

Dominique ROSSIGNOL will participate in a round-table on innovation on April 8th at 11:00.

To know more, visit the site :www.industrie-expo.com.

Start of the OPTIM CO2 project (OPTIMization of bio-based surfactants and biodegradable for dense CO2) in accordance to the Innov'R dispositive, with the financial support of the Rhône-Alpes Region and the ADEME.


DFD attending the SIMOTEC for the first time, at the Start-ups area. Come and meet us and ask for your badge.

Stand address GALL A-J73


Medical: A first 'tidy' cleaning machine, supercritical CO2-based.

See DeviceMed article

On the last 21st of June, DFD attended the symposium organized by the French Industrial Technical Centers Network, at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital technology on the topic:

An ever more innovative and competitive French industry
IS possible !

With the involvement of Mrs Clothilde VALTER, Secretary of State in charge of Vocational Training and Apprenticeship, the author of a recent report on the assignments of Industrial Technical Centers, handed over to Mr Emmanuel MACRON,

and the involvement of Mr Pascal FAURE, Managing Director of the General Direction of Firms at the Ministry.
The symposium was followed by the exhibition opening: 'The CTI, actors of the French industrial success' where DFD process was exhibited, thanks to the works undertaken with the CTTN. A great way of highlighting the successful collaboration of DFD with the technical Centers on a promising market which has to act for the planet.

To know more : http://expo.reseau-cti.fr/exposition-cti/

Download the exhibition catalogue