The change in cleaning technology can't be improvised for your firm ; DFD accompanies you at every step of your process.

01 Assessment of the cleaning performances

Custom-built assay services for specific issues according to the oils used, and results validation

  • Access to a test bench, unique in Europe (CEA)

02 A process adapted to industrial needs through detailed technical specifications.

The machine is designed to be adapted to your needs (parts dimensioning, cadence...): cleaning-vessel size, number of vessels, manual or automated loading...

03 Financial assistance and grant requests.

We will take care of looking for the assistance in accordance with your country's situation, of setting up and support your proposal.

  • Research Tax Credit approvals and Innovation Tax Credit: : for an investment in an innovative machine. Innovation competences CIR and CII authorized
  • An additional tax reduction for an investment which modernizes the production tool.
  • Grants for substitution of toxic products and improvement of working conditions, by medical authorities: CARSAT, CRAMIF ...
  • Grants from the 6 territory and water agencies for studies and works on reduction of classical pollutions and micro pollutants, or the setting up of works on a technologies real site without feedback and risky for the company..

04 Installation of an adapted liquefied gas supply with Air Liquide company

The dimensioning of the installation: gas consumption will vary according to the cleaning volumes. It will allow choosing a convenient storage: in tanks, racks or bottles which will have to be placed outside your premises. The delivery, storage an automatic supply will be done by our partner.

05 Installation and commissioning

Machine installation, commissioning and training of the operators. DFD machines benefit from a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.

06 After Sales Service and Maintenance
Hotline 7/7 days and 365 days a year.

The choice of a DFD manufacturer's maintenance contract according to your needs.
A distance diagnosis through a secure Internet connection
On site and distance DFD intervention.
Continuous improvement of the cleaning process and change management with DFD, CETIM, CEA and CNRS experts.