This green solvent is a a non-polluting alternative to chlorinated, petroleum products or detergent processes.

100% SAFE

Chemically inert, non-corrosive


Odorless, colorless.
Without VOC waste.
Without authorization, declaration, ICPE control (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment), ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) classification.
No risk of co-distillation.
Harmless for health, this green solvent conforms to REACH and to the CARSAT (French Occupational Health Physician & Retirement Insurance) and the DREAL (French Regional Directorate for Environment, Development & Housing) recommendations

100% DRY

It doesn't use any water, so doesn't need drying. Mechanical parts are directly useable after cleaning: they are dry, at the ambiant temperature.
It is stable: no solvent treatment, no baths regeneration, no waste, no draining.
It presents the combined features of low viscosity and high diffusivity of a gas, and of a liquid high density.
It will allow the pollutant gravity separation after the solvent gets back to the gaseous state.
It can also be adjustable by temperature and pressure variables, according to the parts and pollutants.
It is compatible with all metals and most polymers.
It is compatible with parts of all shapes, even those for which cleaning is particularly difficult, for example complex parts including blind holes, and extremely narrow tubes

What CO2is NOT :

La technologie du Co2 supercritique appliqué au dégraissage de pièces