The need of an alternative to chlorinated, fluorinated, petroleum-based products or aqueous detergent solvents concerns numerous manufacturers. These solvents have an impact on the quality of air, the origin of health problems, because of the difficulty to master VOC waste release in the workshop, but they can also be released in water, causing risks of polluting the ground water table.

The authorities have realized the noxiousness of chemical products used in industry, making the legislation progressively evolve and forbid the use of dangerous solvent dangerous for the environment and human health (carcinogenic): trichloroethylene, perchlorethylene, or dichloromethane, some of them already forbidden and others about to be.

The CARSAT Rhône-Alpes (Regional organisation for health at work) publication : RECOMMENDATION from the regional technical committee METALLURGIE Rhône-Alpes
Substitution of chlorinated solvents during degreasing operations in metal work : Visit the web site CARSAT-RA

A '2020 Priority technology' for mechanics

Our partner CETIM (Technical Center of the Mechanical Industries) has recently published a report named '2020 priority technologies in mechanics' addressed to its members. Among these technologies, the 'sustainable development' chapter particularly insists on 'the clean processes of preparation and cleaning'. In the 2 pages dealing with this issue, the supercritical CO2 is mentioned as a tomorrow's technology.
Consult the CETIM report


From April 1st 2016 on, using and placing trichloroethylene on the market are forbidden in the European Union*.
Trichloroethylene is added by the CEE to the list of substances subjected to authorization mentioned in Annex XIV of the REACH regulations.
*; except granted authorization (requests sent before the 10/21/14)

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Created by the CNAMTS and the INRS, as well as groups of consulting engineers, safety inspectors and medical consultants from the CARSAT.

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